Our Faculty

Standing at the top of their fields, Victorville Park’s faculty is committed to the educations and daily lives of their undergraduate students. Faculty members enjoy teaching students, joining them in the creation of new knowledge.

Victorville Park's Faculty teaches and carries out research across the University, thinking beyond disciplinary boundaries and guiding undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students alike. You will witness medical doctors from the hospitals teaching freshmen. This exposes the faculty to a range of ages, ideas, and perspectives, keeping their minds open and their teaching fresh—while allowing undergraduates to learn from some of the world’s most influential voices.

Faculty of


School of Business & Management entails young, dynamic department with around 70 faculty spanning a broad research expertise and having strong industry links.

  • Dorothy D. Horner
  • Hazel P. Partridge
  • Edward A. Rodriquez
  • Bryan A. Romriell
  • Gloria R. Royse
  • Ruth A. Soule
  • Carrie R. Park
  • Ernest M. Elam
  • Debra W. Thomas
  • William J. Myers
  • Joseph A. Forte
  • Latonya D. Price
  • Joshua J. McCann
  • Alan V. Resnick

Faculty of


Victorville Park School of Nursing Faculty includes members who are leaders in nursing research and you will study in an environment where it is possible to become involved in the development of new nursing knowledge.

  • Tawny A. Carroll
  • Edward L. Kiger
  • Walter M. Collins
  • Ann R. Williamson
  • Maria R. Newell
  • Anthony M. Blount
  • Kenneth M. Wyman
  • Lester E. Ramirez
  • Elizabeth D. Andres
  • Carolyn W. Guerin
  • Ronnie M. Hockensmith
  • Alyson R. Shears
  • Evan C. McGuire
  • Kimberly J. Allen
  • Dana D. Petrie

Faculty of

SCHOOL OF Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to increasing its research activity by focusing on engineering-led multidiscplinary growth areas that target a number of global challenges, including future manufacturing, mechanical, biomedical and civil engineering.

  • Lisa K. Payton
  • Terrie J. Schrum
  • Velma R. Webb
  • Richard C. Gray
  • Laura J. Walker
  • Robert D. Norton
  • Jennifer R. Anderson
  • Donald S. Henthorn
  • Jessica D. McCoy
  • Jennifer W. Landry
  • Glenda M. Flores
  • Latonya D. Price
  • Joshua J. McCann
  • Alan V. Resnick

Faculty of

SCHOOL OF Social Sciences

Social Sciences faculty aims at advancement of intellectual leadership through teaching, research and innovation.entails young, dynamic department with around 70 faculty spanning a broad research expertise and having strong industry links.

  • Albert J. Scott
  • Norma E. Long
  • Reina Meeldijk
  • Leuntje Hoogvliet
  • Rianne Blokdijk
  • Ileen van Varik
  • Mertcan van Haastert
  • Clothilde Couturier
  • Guy Josseaume
  • Talbot Tisserand
  • Durandana Aucoin
  • Bernadette Sansouci
  • Karel Lagrange
  • Orson De La Ronde
  • Roger Duhamel
  • Bruce Plaisance

Faculty of

SCHOOL OF Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice faculty is divided into three segments: education, research and administration including university professors, research staff and associates, who, based on their area of expertise, are members of different departments.

  • Pauline Breton
  • Agrican Giguère
  • Amedee Fontaine
  • Patrick Baier
  • Doreen Eberhart
  • Kerstin Metzger
  • Thorsten Winkel
  • Felix Kohl
  • Klaus Herzog
  • Logan Booth
  • Lewis Boyle
  • Kieran Saunders
  • Faith Miles
  • Lara Nicholls
  • Naomi Hope
  • Nicole Shaw
  • Archie Parkes
  • Katie Reeves
  • Ellie Morton
  • Hollie O'Donnell

Faculty of

SCHOOL OF Education

Faculty of Education is based on research and reflection, which the Faculty embraces in order to be of service to society. They aim at addressing different educational needs, and giving value to them, while focusing on the development of learners.

  • Alexander Stephens
  • Katie Jones
  • Cameron Garner
  • Jude Begum
  • George Birch
  • Rosie McCarthy
  • Anna Slater
  • Freddie Tucker
  • Billy Ashton
  • Tom Noble
  • Henry Fox
  • Faith Kent
  • Anna Donnelly
  • Maya Burns
  • Erin Hammond
  • John Hardy
  • Keira Moran
  • Hannah Hawkins
  • Zara Summers
  • Kayleigh Sanderson
  • Megan McCarthy
  • Freya Baxter

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