Student Consultancy

University of Omaha provides students with free consultancy services around the clock. Students can contact our consultants 24x7 and get their queries answered immediately regarding a range of subjects including selection of programs, eligibility criteria, financial aid, career counseling and employment prospects.

University of Omaha's 24/7 student consultancy service assists present and prospective students in all matters related to admission, program selection, selection of schools & majors, and financing options.

Enrollment Advisor

Enrollment advisors are at students' service 24 hours a day. They are there to answer all enrollment related queries and assist students throughout the admission process.

Academic Advisor

Financial advisors at are there for present and prospective students to help resolve their financial worries and tell them ways to reduce their fee through various available options.

To learn more about Victorville Park fee payment options, talk to a student advisor today on

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