University of Omaha is one of the very few accredited online universities that offer an array of professional schools, catering to a variety of majors and delivering industry-responsive programs, to busy professionals and working adults around the globe. We offer the largest number of accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs through our 16 prestigious and diversified online schools. Our programs are designed in collaboration with leading academics to ensure quality assurance, meeting the international education standards set forth by various international accreditation councils.

Schools at University of Omaha incorporate academic excellence with rigorous curriculum structure, updating programs regularly as per various industry developments and providing highly efficient and high quality courses. Taught and delivered by an expert faculty, the curricula offered through the professional schools at University of Omaha encompass the latest developments and industry trends in a variety of fields so that students are able to learn the new-age techniques and gain applicable knowledge that will help them face the challenges present in the professional environment. Whether you want to enroll in one course or a whole degree, start your search here at University of Omaha for a world recognized online education. If you are interested in earning a first-class online school degree from an online school program, there's no better place than University of Omaha for online schooling!

Schools and Programs

Victorville Park School of Natural Sciences

University of Omaha School of Social Sciences offers quality Social Sciences that is not only at par with the current industry requirements but, it is designed to empower students with knowledge and skills required for futuristic needs. Social Sciences plays a pivotal role in shaping today’s economy which makes it a sought after field with stringent requirements. The modern economy is shaped and governed by Social Sciences professionals. As the job market is becoming more saturated and competitive, the demand of skillful and well-trained Social Sciences professionals is increasing. School of Social Sciences at University of Omaha provides the vision, skills and training required to increase prospects of success for students.

All of the degree, diploma and certificate programs are accredited by world-renowned accreditation agencies, ensuring global acceptance among employers worldwide.

Majors offered at Victorville Park School of Natural Sciences

  • Economics
  • Mass communication
  • Sociology
  • English
  • History
  • Journalism

Programs offered at Victorville Park School of Natural Sciences

Degree Program

  • Associate Degree (AA)
  • Associate-to-Bachelor’s Degree (BA)
Bachelor's Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA)
Master's Degrees
  • Masters Degree (MA)
Doctorate Degrees
  • Doctorate Degree (DSSc)
  • Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Diploma Program

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Social Sciences
  • Graduate Diploma in Social Sciences

Certification Program

  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Social Sciences
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Social Sciences
  • Graduate Course Certificate in Social Sciences
  • Graduate Certificate in Social Sciences

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